Brown Spot Removal


Brown spots usually appear on the skin that are exposed to the sun like in the neck, face, hands and feet. They are also called as age spots or liver spots. They are completely harmless but can spoil your looks.


Brown spots are caused due to exposure to sun, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance and hyperpigmentation. They can be caused as a side effect of some medications as well.


Brown spots can be completely eliminated by,

·         Hydrafacial – Hydrafacial is a complete face cleansing process which can be used to restore the glowing looks in our face.

·         Chemical peels – Chemical peels uses a chemical solution which removes the outermost layer of the skin, thereby removing the wrinkles, spots, facial lines and dark circles.


Mandelic acid plays a vital role in removing the brown spots and providing an even skin tone. Mandelic with DMAE can arrest the formation of melanin which can control the pigmentation on the skin. Mandelic added creams are widely used for the removal of brown spots since they have purifying properties also.

v  Yellow Peel

The brown patches are formed in the skin due to over production of melanin, the component that gives color to the kin. By balancing the production, one can not only control but also get rid of all the brown spots in the body.