Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers are injectable fillers that can be used to remove the facial lines and wrinkles and give a smooth and young look to your face. They are absorbed by body in time and can be performed again to restore the same good looks.

People who can opt for dermal fillers are the one having the following issues,

v  Wrinkles                                                                     

v  Acne scars                                                  

v  Reshaping lip border

v  Facial scars due to burns, accidents etc.                                      

v  Cheek depressions

v  Frown lines between eyebrows

Dermal fillers can be natural or synthetic and they are injected into face in order to smoothed the skin. Depending upon the injection the effects can last from few months to few years.

a) Forehead

Forehead lines which cannot be removed by anti-wrinkle treatment can be treated using dermal fillers to provide a smooth forehead.

b) Below eye

Below the eye, the eye bags can be present which is filled with fat or fluid which is caused due to ageing. Dermal fillers can be used to treat the eye bags and remove them.


c) Tear trough

Tear trough is the region between the lower eyelid and cheeks which may be hollow due to genetics or ageing. In order to level the transition between eyelid and cheeks, Dermal fillers can be used.

d) Mid face

Mid face must be the starting point for dermal fillers since they provide the better- and young-looking appearance to the whole face. Ageing can be easily shown in mid face through wrinkles, pores etc which can be eliminated easily by using dermal fillers.

e) Smile lines

Smile lines are just as the name suggests; the line formed when you smile. The line runs from the sides of the nose to the corner of the mouth. The prominent reason for this can be genes. They can be removed if we inject dermal fillers into the region.

f) Neck

Wrinkles and sagging in neck are very common with ageing. They can also be caused due to sun damages, pigmentary problems etc. Dermal fillers assist you in completely smoothing your neck and providing an ever-youthful appearance.

g) Volume correction

Dermal fillers can be used to eliminate the wrinkles, folds and pores in the regions around the nose and the mouth. This helps to restore the contour to your face and provide attractive looks.

h) Lip

Lip augmentation can be carried out using dermal fillers in the lips. One can get a smooth and plumper lips by injecting dermal fillers into them. A perfect lip always adds beauty to your face.