Spring Med Spa follows the world class, various scientifically proven Protocols for Hair loss treatment

·       The worlds only US FDA approved Platelet rich plasma for hair , low level laser therapy, nutraceutical supplements to stimulate stem cell growth.

·       Meso Injection of US FDA approved Growth Factors in high concentrations, low level laser therapy, nutraceutical supplements to stimulate stem cell growth.

·       Peptide serum, low level laser therapy, nutraceutical supplements to strengthen hair.

·       Micro needling Stimulation

The combinations has proven highly effective in restoring hair growth in men and women.

Key Benefits:

Virtually painless procedure.
Non-obvious to others; no embarrassing dressings or bandages.
Takes approximately an hour to complete initial treatment.
Safe, with no side effects

Please Note: Results with be seen from the third month onwards


PRP is an innovative, safe and effective method of hair growth and hair loss treatment.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is our own blood plasma and a concentrated source of platelets rich in growth factors.

These growth factors release healing proteins and :

promote natural hair growth

stimulate the hair follicle growth

make hair follicle healthy and strong

decrease inflammation

prevent from hair loss

improve thin and damaged hair

increase circulation to hair follicles

Procedure of PRP Hair Treatment?

·         A small amount of blood is drawn from the “patient” and put in a US FDA Approved PRP tube.

·         it is placed in a high-speed centrifuge to concentrate platelets.

·         PRP is ready for scalp injection.

The frequency of PRP Hair Treatment depends on the size and rate of hair loss and whether or not it is a combined therapy.It is generally estimated at one treatment every 1-2 months for the first year and as maintenance treatment one a year or none.



Growth Factor and Hair stimulant Serum

It is Adipose-derived Stem Cell extract and Growth Factors in high concentrations. The Serum helps the proliferation of stem cells in scalp. Adipose-derived Stem cell (ASC) is a somatic stem cell contained in fat tissue. ASC are multi-potent cells that abundantly exist in tissue, and therefore, they are ideal as a cell source in the field of regenerative medicine. Our Nano-capsulation technology enables it to infiltrate key ingredients, concentrated seven Growth Factors (60 ppm each/vial) and extracted proteins, of the Stem Serum into skin. The infiltrated ingredients promote the differentiation of adult stem cells into Hair Follicles

Ingredients of Stem cell Serum

Insulin like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF), Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Copper Tripeptide-1, Biotin, Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract, Amino Acids, Minerals and Vitamins

Peptides Serum

The copper peptides improve the hair micro-circulation and inhibit the 5a reductase, an enzyme that activates the production of dihidrostestosterone (DHT), responsible for hair loss.

Low Level Laser Therapy
LLLT Defined

Lasers are widely used in medicine and also throughout a variety of industries, in a multitude of varying capacities. The laser energy used to stimulate hair growth is visible in the red light spectrum. The laser light used in treating hair loss and other medical conditions is defined as low-level laser therapy (LLLT). LLLT is sometimes included under a broader definition of phototherapy called ‘low-level light therapy,’ where the light-emitting device may be a laser and/or a light-emitting diode (LED).

Studies proved that hair responds best to red light in the 650 – 670 nm wavelength range.

Tests have shown that pulsing light can enhance the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy.

low level laser therapy may accomplish:

Maintainance of existing hair

Hair growth, mostly in the crown,

Thickening of existing hair diameter,

Hair restoration using LLLT is not a one-time ‘fix’ for hair loss. It must be repeated at intervals to maintain results. Typically 3 to 4 sessions per week for 20 to 25 minutes is the suggested treatment frequency, and results usually take approximately 4 to 6 months to take shape. Once hair restoration is achieved, an ongoing ‘maintenance’ schedule of 1 to 2 sessions per week is strongly recommended to preserve and maintain new growth, and keep the hair looking healthier, fuller, and more vibrant.