Melasma is a brown, tan pigmentation on the skin that usually appears in the forehead, cheeks but can affect the entire body. It is more common in women than in men.

Melasma is caused due to stimulation of melanocytes by the sex hormones to produce more pigments when exposed to sun. Melasma can be caused due to genetics, pregnancy and hormonal imbalance.

Melasma can also be treated using similar techniques as hyperpigmentation. but combination treatments have proven to be very effective. at the same time patients must use Sunscreen all through their life, if they want to prevent recurrence of melasma

The different techniques are,

·         Hydrafacial – Hydrafacial is a cleansing procedure which will remove all the spots and pigments in the skin and provide a glowing face at the end of the procedure.

·         Laser therapy – Laser therapy involves using the laser light to heat up the pigmented region and destroy it and regenerate a new skin during the healing process.

·         Chemical peels          – Chemical peels involves a chemical solution that will be applied to the pigmented region which when removed provide a beautiful and flawless appearance.              

·         Tyrosinase inhibiting Medications