What is it?

Hyperpigmentation is caused when the pigment producing cells called as melanocytes produce too much pigment which may result in the formation of brown spots. Hyperpigmentation can occur in any part of the skin and also affect both men and women.


Hyperpigemntation is caused by melanocytes producing over pigment. It is caused due to some reasons like,

*Overexposure to Sun                                              



*Injuries on skin

*Scars due to burn,acne etc


Brown spots can be removed by various treatments,

*Hydrafacial – Hydrafacial is a combined process involving cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidants which will remove all the issues in the skin and provide a glowing one toned appearance.

*Laser therapy – Laser therapy can be used to concentrate and intensified beam of laser light at the spots which will remove the spots without damaging the skin cells. 

*Chemical peels – Chemical peels consists of an acid solution which when applied on the skin and removed provides a polish and smooth surface.