Vampire Face Lift


Vampire face lift is a minimally invasive procedure in which a person’s own blood is used to refresh and rejuvenate his face. It is a latest method and the results are fast and long lasting.

People whose face shows the marks of ageing like wrinkles, spots and facial lines along with saggy skin can opt for vampire face lift in order to get a fresh and clear face.

The treatment involves taking the blood out of your hand and separating the Platelet rich plasma (PRP) by centrifugal methods. Then, the PRP is injected into the various regions of the face in order to get a perfect contour as well as a beautiful look. This treatment is very effective and has immediate results.

a) Brow lift

As a person ages, the eyebrows might start to droop which may make the upper eyelid skin more noticeable as well as gives a blunt look to your face. Blood facial can provide a lift to your eyebrows and restore the beauty back to your face.


b) Forehead lift

A forehead lift is a procedure to remove the wrinkles and furrows in the forehead. A person gets furrows or frown lines due to ageing which can be removed by blood facial and provide a refreshing look to your face.